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Glendronach Single Cask

1994 Oloroso Sherry Butt 20 years


1995 Madiera Hogshead 19 years


▫️ both single cask & @cask strength ▫️ Size of Butt cask almost double of Hogshead cask ▫️ Madeira cask gives a strong apparent kick of dried fruit type of sharp sweetness ▫️ Oloroso Sherry cask gives a more delicate palate and after taste
▫️ 兩者都是單一桶及原桶酒精度 ▫️ Butt桶的容量大過Hogshead桶近一倍 ▫️ Madeira桶給予明顯的乾果及尖銳的甜 ▫️ Oloroso雪莉酒桶的風格較為細緻及餘韻較為悠長

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