【#WineLive】”決戰! 教皇新堡” “Chateauneuf du Pape Challenge”

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99 Domaine du Pegau Reservee Cuvée Vs
99 Pierre Usseglio Cuvée de Mon Aieul

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“十九年的陳年,加上年份分數只屬合格,對一般入門級別的教皇新堡紅酒理應已達完全熟成期。Pegau是五大教皇新堡酒莊之一,Cuvée Resevee乃Pegau的入門版,瓶內抖氣2小時之後已完全開封;口感醇,香味四溢,口裏滿佈熟梅等陳年出來的味道,餘韻也甚長,現在開啟品嚐最好,屬完美熟成。Pierre Usseglio在酒界名氣也不弱,Cuvée de Mon Aieul 乃酒莊出産三支紅的其中一支,屬中價位。同樣抖氣2小時後,香味及口感較為遜色,果味仍算低調得來澎湃,屬剛開始熟成階段,放多一兩年才開啟熟成效果會更好。”

“For the majority of entry level Chateauneuf du Pape, nineteen years of ageing for an average year like 99 should be at the perfect maturity to crack open. Cuvée Reservee, the entry series from Pegau needs only 2 hours of bottle breathing to completely open up; it is full of aged dried prune character with a very smoothened mouth feel, wonderful persistent aroma and a superb after taste length, now is the best time to enjoy. On the other hand, the Cuvée de Mon Areu, the mid range Cuvée from Pierre Usseglio is not as fully matured yet, nose is still a bit tight with palate still full of apparent but softened fresh fruit, a few more years perhaps will be best to see its full maturity.”

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